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12/08/11 10:44 AM #1    

Anne Terrell (Hughes)

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/19/12 10:14 AM #2    

Loppy Robinson (Lazar)

Does anyone know where Kerry Parker is?

03/21/12 01:41 AM #3    

Kerry Campbell (Hampstead)

Loppy we mailed her reunion invite to Sherman Texas. It shows her last name as Thompson.

06/02/12 10:30 AM #4    

Charles Elmore

Marty Rocha was very talented. His work in music and theater continued on after high school at OU. He is greatly missed.

06/02/12 10:35 AM #5    

Charles Elmore

Has anyone heard from Bruce Harris, Denise Aldridge or any of the cast members of OLIVER our senior year? David Baker is a music minister in Mustang and of course Marty Rocha passed away in 1984.

I plan to bring a yearbook from 1972 if I can locate the box I stored it in.

06/06/12 09:17 AM #6    

Sherry Gish (Meyer)

What has happened to Lisa Humphrey, Cecila Cero, Cecila James & Renee Draper?

06/27/12 07:59 AM #7    

Charles Elmore

Dear Norman '72 alumni,

I am applying for a small business  grant to open an art gallery store containing the art pieces that my  mother, Ora Elmore, collected . Two years ago, we placed these pictures in storage due to foreclosure on their property.  I am now ready to showcase the original oil paintings in a permanent gallery, hopefully in the Olde Town district in Moore, Oklahoma.  Receiving this $250,000 grant will help me to get the funds to maintain a gallery space and to acquire more pieces for the gallery. The name of the gallery is the Hilburn Gallery, named after one of my Mother’s close friends, Larry Hilburn, who was a Blue Door Gallery artist in Taos, New Mexico before starting his own gallery in the 1960’s through 1980’s. He is now retired in Hollis, Oklahoma (age 88). I would like for the Moore community to enjoy  these original art pieces, many of which are oil paintings of ghost towns in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and SW Oklahoma.

Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and Living Social called Mission: Small Business?, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant. But I need at least 250 votes at to qualify. To vote for my business:

1. Go to click 'Log In & Support' and log in using Facebook.

2. Search for my business by name Hilburn Gallery OR filter by state and city (Oklahoma City is the current address for the gallery 73170).

3. Click on the blue Vote button next to our business name to show your support for our business.

Thank you for your support,

Shawn Elmore

Journalism  Educator

Moore Public Schools

03/18/13 11:32 AM #8    

Anne Terrell (Hughes)

Received a note from Wayne Herndon that Rusty Day passed away on Jan 13 due to complications from pneumonia and the flu.  He lived in Ft. Gibson.

03/20/13 09:35 AM #9    

Charles Elmore

Hello friends,
Only Shawn Elmore could wipe out on a road bike at Resthaven Cemetery yesterday about 6:30pm. Deacon Chad Burns, from Central Hillcrest Baptist Church where I serve as Worship Minister, and I will be riding in a bike event at a men's retreat at Falls Creek Baptist Assembly Camp in the Arbuckle Mountains the last weekend in April. I will get in a trial run on April 5 or 6th when I record a CD with Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma at the same location in Southern Oklahoma.
I got right back on the bike, making it to the Burns' home. Raylynne (Ray Ray) administered first aid, after I cleaned the wounds on both arms and legs. Thank God for bike helmets! Without a helmet, I would have had a nasty bump on my head. BIllie Burns gave me a couple of ibuprophen and we had a great time talking about family history and watching the first episode of Dancing With The Stars while I propped up my leg in the recliner. Before I knew it, it was 10:45. The clock in the living room hasn't been changed yet!
What a blessing to have great friends who support and uplift (and bandage wounds) each other as believers in Christ. Actually, I feel great this morning, but I won't make a trip to 10-Gym today unless I go to the sauna later this evening. Chad's biker's mantra: GET BACK ON THE BIKE AND KEEP RIDING! I know I wiped out for a reason, because Chad and I had a chance to share the gospel with a man on a bike on 104th Street when we were heading back to Chad's house.
I am enjoying Spring Break and will be traveling to Tulsa on Friday for a reunion with my niece, nephew and their children at Goldies for a pickle eating contest. My older sister will be celebrating her 60th birthday on that day, as well.
I will follow shortly thereafter, celebrating my 59th birthday on Tuesday, March 26th.
I hope all is well with those who get this email.


05/21/13 03:01 PM #10    


Laura Schipper (Prudore)

We pray that everyone is safe from yesterdays devastating tornado in Moore and am saddened to hear of such a horrific travesty when nature has forgotten to display  it's compassion .


Laura Schipper Prudore

08/22/13 05:09 AM #11    

Charles Elmore

I have retired from teaching journalism at Moore Public Schools. I am working on my master's degree in worship ministries at Mid-America Christian University and have taken a part-time worship and praise leadership position at 1st Baptist Church in Nowata, Oklahoma. the worship services are broadcast 3-4 times weekly from a broadcasting tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I hope to complete my degree in 16 months.

Shawn Elmore 

06/01/15 12:27 PM #12    


Charles Alexander

Hi all,
Moved to Victoria Texas as faculty at Univ of Houston Victoria this past August, just made it through the heavy rains here, which didn't hit Victoria nearly as fiercely as in Houston or west of Austin. I'm Director of the graduate MFA program in Creative Writing here, but it's a small university, and I also apply my art skills, teaching design, typography, and artists' books. After some 30 years in Tucson, Arizona, it's an adjustment to be back in a place with humidity, but it's not bad at all. Love the gulf coast birds! Have two daughters, one in New York City working on global justice projects for a foundation, the other just out of college in Vermont, now living in Tucson, but soon to join us here in Victoria for at least several weeks, maybe longer, as she contemplates her next step. 

Hope to get to Norman soon!

Charles Alexander



06/02/15 12:53 PM #13    

Douglas Smith

Hey Catch:

Been a long time but you look the same.  Hope to catch up with you sometime.


06/02/15 11:49 PM #14    

Steve Flowers

Congratulations on your new position!  They are getting a great guy.   

06/01/16 09:40 AM #15    

Sherry Gish (Meyer)

I propose that we have reunions every 5 yrs. which would put our next one in 2017.  We may not make it another 10 years.

06/02/16 09:06 AM #16    

Shelley Salyer (Murphy)

I am so sad that I did not make the last many faces I would have loved to visit with and pray they make it to the 2017..event..will be looking forward to updates...onward through the fog, friends

06/02/16 11:30 AM #17    

Debbie Chapman

I wasn't able to make the last one either, and would be happy to help from Idaho, initially, and then on-site if a 2017 Reunion is planned.

































06/02/16 01:05 PM #18    


Charles Alexander

Every five years sounds good to me. And I live closer now, so hope to make the next one!


04/05/17 11:23 AM #19    

Sherry Gish (Meyer)

Hope you are coming to the mini reunion June 9-10th love to see ya


07/07/20 11:57 AM #20    

Sherry Gish (Meyer)

Should the reunion committee need extra help, ill be happy to do whatever you need

01/30/21 03:56 PM #21    

Rick McKinney


I just read about Steve Love today. So sad to learn of his passing....really upsetting

Can anyone share what happened with Steve. He was so bright, incredibly fit,  and an amazing over-achiever on the swim team....reached goals way beyond any of us. he was a great team mate, friend, and someone I always looked up to.



01/31/21 12:06 PM #22    


William Murphy

According to the Pittsburgh Swim Club he did volunteer coaching at, Steve's wife also passed within 24-hours of his passing.

02/01/21 06:19 PM #23    


William Murphy

After 56 years, Norman's Skateland (Roller-skating Rink) on West Lindsey (which was being operated as 'Star Skate') closed it's doors for the final time at 4pm with their Sunday 1/31/2021 afternoon skate. I wonder how many of us enjoyed a 'skate date' at that rink which is now going to be repurposed... and they call it 'progress' !

Bill 'Murph' Murphy


06/09/22 06:31 PM #24    

Steve Danley

Robert Heckendorn a classmate of ours and a childhood friend of mine from 1st grade at Mckinley to today. Robert is just now retiring from the University of Idaho as Professor of Computer Science. Dr. Heckendorn also taught at Colorado State University in the 1990's and worked at Hewlett Packard prior to that. We met at Yellowstone and Jackson Hole last Summer where our wives Marylin and Debra also enjoyed a great time outdoors in a stunning place, 

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